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Heat Defense Cosmetic Case in Coral

This revolutionary cosmetic case is every beauty buyer's salvation. Traveling and residing in a hot or cold climate can often result in lipsticks/chapstick melting or foundations and skincare spoiling. The Heat Defense case is crafted with an internal insulated lining, helping to preserve the temperature of the bag, protecting cosmetics from over-exposure to heat. The external, dense, neoprene material, cushions your precious serum and foundation bottles from potentially chipping or cracking during travel.

This multifaceted case works in both warm and cool climates, so you can enjoy the surf or snow carefree. 

How to Use:

Pack the case with products in your usual temperature environment. Close the zip all the way to the end. Off you go to. 

The case will help to protect your products from the external temperature changes when traveling to a hotter or cooler environment. The level of protection varies depending on the temperature and the type of products in the case.  Please note, this product is not designed for extreme weather conditions or high turbulence travel.

  • Dimensions: 3.5" height x 8" length x 4"width
  • Material: neoprene and insulated lining

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