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Travel Set - Cosmetic Case & Toiletry Case 20% off

Travel carefree with the travel smart duo. Buy them as a set and get 20% off.

1. Heat Defense Cosmetic Case (in midnight blue ) - Temperature changes whilst traveling to a hot or cold climate can result in lipstick melting, separation of liquid ingredients causing foundation and skincare to breed bacteria and expiring before its use-by date. This cosmetic case is crafted with temperature controlling insulated materials to protect your products, so you can travel carefree.

2. Hydro Seal Leakproof Toiletry Case (in midnight blue) - Travel with shampoo, body wash, perfume, cologne, or facewash. This dual acting leakproof and waterproof case is one of a kind. The Leakproof zip and silicone body are designed to trap leaks and spills inside the case when traveling, safeguarding your clothes in a packed suitcase or gym bag.

The waterproof nature of the case makes it the perfect watersport, beach, pool, or spa companion. Protecting valuables inside the case from external water splashes or spills.

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