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While most people associate heat with damaging makeup and skincare products, freezing temperatures can also wreak havoc on your expensive beauty collection. The contents of the average persons beauty case costs hundreds of dollars, so why travel or transport your products with a conventional, plastic case with no added protection?

One of the common casualties of traveling to or living in a colder climate is lipstick. When exposed to cold temperatures, lipsticks can become crumbly and lose its smooth texture. No one wants to apply an uneven coat of color to their lips!

Nail polish is another victim.  As the temperature drops, nail polish can lose its smooth texture and become clumpy or difficult to apply. Say goodbye to that flawless manicure you worked so hard on!

Water-filled products are also at risk. Moisturizers, serums, and other water-based skincare products can chemically separate when exposed to extreme cold. They may become thicker, making them less effective or even unusable.

The dual acting 'Heat Defense Cosmetic Case' is your ultimate companion for both all climates! 

Designed with an insulated internal black fabric, this cosmetic case provides an extra layer of protection for your precious makeup, skincare, and sunblock. The internal fabric acts as a shield, helping to prevent harsh external temperatures from penetrating the case and damaging your products.

So whether you're lounging by the pool under the heat or hitting the slopes in cold, don't travel without the Heat Defense Cosmetic Case. Your makeup will thank you!


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